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Jan. 15th, 2013


5 times L tried to win Sungjong's heart, and 1 time he actually succeeded~

DISCLAIMER: Infinite, L or Myungsoo and Sungjong does not belong to me. This story has been made mainly for personal amusement. 

"A way to a man's heart is through his stomach." As old and as cliche-ish as this saying may be, L couldn't help but agree. After all, everyone needs food to survive. So most certainly, someone trying to woo a special person's heart best and safest bet is to go with food.

Sungjong loves kimbap. In fact, he even stated in an interview or two that since it's one of his all-time favorites, the first thing he wants to do when he gets a girlfriend is to eat the kimbap she made. If that isn't reason enough for L to spend a month studying how to make the perfect kimbap, then he doesn't know what else to do. Thus, after all the studying, experimenting and trials and errors, L learned how to make kimbap good enough for him to leave Infinite and just put up a kimbap business that is to be a sure hit worldwide.  

Being the cool and 'suave' guy that he is, L carefully planned out how he is going to present his perfect kimbaps to Sungjong: after their parts for the MV shoot is done, which fortunately gets shot first, he'll casually ask Sungjong to come with him to the dressing room saying he made too much kimbap for snacks and share it with him--since Sungjong loves it and all. Then, when Sungjong tastes his kimbap, L is 99.99% sure that the pretty boy will worship him. Well, it's not really the end goal he wants, but it's a way there. And surely, Sungjong will realize that L's kimbap can never be topped by any girl out there. So what will he need a girlfriend for, right?


It's not that Sungjong didn't like his kimbap, but it's more of the boy never did get to try any of it. L forgot to take into account that aside from the two of them, there are five other members of Infinite who have noses that can smell food even three miles away. And so, by the time they got to the dressing room, the kimbaps are loooong gone. What only remains are five boys pathetically battling it out for the grains of rice left on the tupperware.

From then on, everytime L attempts to make kimbap for Sungjong, the other members magically pop out of nowhere gobbling down everything. It is even no use trying to hide even a single piece since they're like crazy dogs who always manage to find it. To add salt to the wound, Sungjong now refuses to try one since he's scared he'll end up being worse addicted than all the members. And he is pretty suspicious with what L put in that made the other five all that gaga for it.

So much for impressing Sungjong with his cooking skills.

Being part of an idol group, they definitely all share love and passion for music. Even if they aren't singers, surely music would still hold a special part in their lives. After all, music is like a way of life. It is a means of communication--of connection.  Thus, music is also a way to a person's heart.

With those thoughts in mind, L decided that since he miserably failed with food, the next best thing to have Sungjong falling for him is to take him to a concert or musical that he'll surely love and enjoy. And so, L spent the next two weeks finding tickets to the special and rare 2-day musical tribute for Michael Jackson, starring DBSK, BoA and veteran singers and musicians of the Korean industry. After quite some sleepless nights and rubbing elbows with the right people, L finally managed to get hold of two tickets. This shall seriously go to his life's top 10 achievement list. Yes, it's that hard to get those freakin' tickets. That is why when he finally got the chance to ask Sungjong to 'accompany' him to the musical for some 'maknae-line bonding', and the divine-looking boy said he couldn't go [much as he absolutely want to] due to a show guesting, L wanted to just drop down in his knees and break down right then and there. But he is not the "face of Infinite" for nothing, so though he is having quite the break down inside, he still managed to look the object of his affections [and frustrations] straight in the face while saying, "Oh, ok. Too bad, better luck next time, huh?"

The other members hearing that he got tickets to the special and rare musical show literally shook the soul out of his body whilst begging that they be taken in replacement of Sungjong. At that point, L has lost all interest in going to the show. So they decided to have the tickets drawn among themselves. Sunggyu and Woohyun won.

That night after the musical, Sunggyu and Woohyun officially became a couple. L glared at them for three days.

Another two weeks passed before L finally thought of another way to make Sungjong fall for him-- rollercoaster.

L did some researching and discovered that couples falling out of love or getting bored with one another could try riding a rollercoaster together to rekindle the relationship's thrill and excitement. Something about adrenaline rush. So, if it can be a means to bring back sparks to a relationship, then it can most probably be also used to start one, right? Besides, people describe life and love as one heck of a rollercoaster ride. It's worth a shot.  

Thus, on their ever-awaited day-off, L suggested that Infinite go to the amusement park.

Everything seems all smooth-sailing at first--with their manager giving his approval and even dropping them off to the amusement park; L was even seated together with Sungjong at the back of the van. All seven members had fun riding the bump cars and trying out the different games scattered here and there.

Unfortunately though, the news of Infinite being in the amusement park spread faster than a speeding bullet and soon they were running away from their too adoring fans. They had no choice but to go home.

They never got to try the rollercoaster. Heck, they never even got to be in its one mile radius.     

By now, L has accepted that the outside world isn't really the best place to execute his plans since you never know when fans or the paparazzi might show up. And so, L has decided to try limiting himself within the confines of their not-so humble apartment.

It's quite a challenge since living with the five other members plus their manager mean he can't do something grand and cheesy like scattering flower petals around the room and a dinner for two. Anyway, it's not like L wants to go down that road. Those kind of stuff are done when you're already a couple. Plus, he's not even sure the lovable maknae would appreciate it, more feminine and pretty than some real girls as he looks

Somewhere along those thoughts, L realized that he has a heap of things that he still need to know, discover and study about his Sungjongie. It's not that he's not paying enough attention to the dear maknae, but more of he has yet to get the chance to penetrate Sungjong's last two to three layers of wall since they're still not that super close yet.

So how can L get as close as possible to the love of his life? Why, be roommates with him of course! It's actually one of L's dreams in life. Seeing as you get the privilege of witnessing and experiencing the other side/s there is to Sungjong. Of sharing stuff and clothes with him. Of watching his beautiful and flawless face as he sleeps. Then, there is also the perks of being Sungjong's favorite and receiver of his tender loving care, which is being enjoyed by Hoya for far too long already.

With that, L set-off to casually and discreetly plant in their manager's head that they should change the room assignments and that he and Sungjong should be made roommates.

After three weeks, their manager finally decided to give the idea a try. A temporary room assignment change that'll last for about a week. It's quite a short time, but it's better than nothing.  

L has planned out all the stuff he and Sungjong can do together. Sungjong has already even given consent and sincerely looks excited about everything. After all, it's for 'improving and strengthening the maknae-line bond', or so has L persuaded him.

But fate may just have some grudge against L, for it hasn't even been three hours since he began sharing rooms with his precious Sungjongie when their manager told him that he's been chosen to guest for a certain drama. In Japan. For five days.

L arrived back home to their apartment on the sixth day pretty late. Sungjong seems to have been sleeping tight for a while then. The next morning, the maknae was nowhere to be found. Apparently, he has schedules for the whole day. L just lied on Sungjong's bed while hugging the infamous white bear for almost the whole day. He just stayed there until their manager came and told them to return to their original rooms.


Being typical and stereotyped isn’t really L’s style. But with all his other four attempts being complete failures; it leaves him pretty much no other choice. Besides, it’s not like his past four ideas were totally unique and original. So going back to basics he shall—flowers, chocolates, clothes and whatever material stuff he finds suitable for Sungjong shall be showered upon the beautiful boy. This one shall totally be foolproof. Sungjong would definitely fall for him after he drowns in all the presents.

And so, L spent one whole day of a rare and precious day-off to go all over Seoul and buy the cutest and not-so prickly cactus plant [since Sungjong might not react that good if he gives him a bouquet of flowers out of the blue], the most stylish clothes and the best-tasting chocolates and pastries he can find for the object of his affections.

L is all happy and giddy as he made his way home, thinking it was very silly of him to not have tried this idea first. But then, as he arrived in their apartment, realization of why this—like any other of his ideas—is a fail dawned on him. In a form of a huge white box. There in their living room, spiting him while being fussed over by the other members and Sungjong himself. From a foreign affiliate of their official fan club, Inspirits, to Sungjong.  Well, there’s also some stuff for everybody, but basically, three-fourths of the content belong to Sungjong—he is obviously the senders’ bias.

L loves their fans, in all honesty. After all, it’s because of them that Infinite gets to enjoy this flourishing career. But did they have to be this rich? This extravagant? Because how, pray tell, can he top all those designer clothes and bags and shoes and pastries from freakin’ Paris, France from fan girls to Sungjong?

L has never felt poorer in his entire life.

Lee Sungjong may not be the smartest in the group seeing as he is the youngest, but it doesn't really need smarts to realize that there is something totally off with one Kim Myungsoo. For months his L-hyung has been acting quite strange and now, the poor guy is obviously feeling down the dumps. Nobody knows just why though. L just either gives this empty and far-away stare or sighs deeply whenever asked.  But that won't stop Sungjong from prying it out of L or well, trying to cheer him up. After all, one thing Sungjong is known for is his stubbornness.

And so, the maknae bought some movies and lots of yummy snacks to lift his hyung's spirits. Incidentally, everyone else either has a schedule--or in Sunggyu and Woohyun's case, a date--when Sungjong arrived from his shopping. But no matter, he's thought of all this to cheer his L-hyung up so as long as he's home, it's all good.

Unfortunately for L though, all movies brought by Sungjong are horror in genre. 'Cause really, what better way to cheer someone up than to have them hold tight to the couch that the leather will almost be torn off and scream an octave or two higher than their normal voice, right If there’s any bright side to this, it’d be that L has an excuse to snuggle up to Sungjong for all four movies they watched.

When all was done and over it, Sungjong asked with his bright and hopeful face if L is now feeling better and cheered up; and even if L felt like it would take about an hour to normalize his body’s blood flow and that he really won’t be getting much sleep tonight with all the horror he has witnessed, how can he say no to that stunning face radiating such innocence? And when Sungjong smiled so beautiful and bright that it’s blinding, L figured he’s willing to have another horror marathon if it’d make the younger boy happy—even if that means he’ll probably be quite paranoid and sleepless for a week.

As every other member arrived home and they ate dinner altogether, Sungjong proudly announced that he was the one to finally lift L’s spirits up. Though it’s not like the others aren’t aware that if anybody can do it, it’s really Sungjong. They’re not as oblivious as L thinks they are, especially now that L is tenderly patting Sungjong’s head right in front of them. And truth be told, they are getting tired of the cool boy remaining quiet about it.

So when Dongwoo blurted out, “Oh for the love of... just be a couple already!” Everyone can’t help but nod, then got up to give the two time and privacy to talk things out.

Sungjong is now the definition of confused while L is being a synonym for tomato red.

At this point, L had no other choice but to just come out with Sungjong and even vent out his frustrations with all his failed attempts to win Sungjong’s affections. To which Sungjong replied,  

“While all the efforts and gifts can be flattering, I’d love it more if you just went up to me straight and said that you like me.”

“But I want it to be special (and I don’t just like you, I’m in love with you).”

“Silly hyung, it’s not like you’re failing to make me feel special every day. I mean, just with you helping me with washing the dishes and playing games with me and being willing to watch horror films with me even though you look like you’re about to pass out and... seriously hyung, you’re great!”

As enthusiastic as Sungjong may be, L isn’t convinced. In fact, he thinks he’s entering panic mode. He is no expert in love but he knows that when someone says “you’re great” something along the lines of “let’s just be friends” or something follows. So before Sungjong can shatter his heart into pieces, he decided to do it himself, “But great isn’t really good enough to win your heart, huh? I get it.”

“Myungsoo-yah, how, in the first place, can you win something that’s already yours?”

And finally, L succeeded.

Jun. 6th, 2011



SUMMARY: Because everything is absolutely perfect so long as Sungmin is with him in his world. [my fail sequel to “Let’s Play Pretend...”]

DISCLAIMER: this fail sequel is all i own. :p




NOTE: it didn't exactly turn out as i wanted it, too... well, whenever i write, that's what happens... -.-Collapse )




***this is for those who asked for a sequel... i hope i didn't fail you too much. >//<
>>>but i may f-lock or something this soon... :))

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Jun. 4th, 2011

vampire knight

happenings and endings

a lot of things happened this week..

problems were finally acknowledged.. days seem to get busier and busier.. time to go and spend some quality time with friends is now officially [temporarily] non-existent.. and i realized how i so need to do a better job with saving money.. LOL! :p

on a diff. note, i've finally finished the first batch of my jdramas to-watch list. ^^v 18 jdramas all in all. yey me~! :) so now, i'm gonna focus on watching animes. i believe i have 4 series to watch--7 cds in total. i have to finish those since the cds were only borrowed from friends.. and the cds have been with me for 2 months or so. -.-' will start working on it next week.. hopefully.. :p

anyways, also within this week, i went to watch the 'amazing show', and i must say that the performers are really great. and some of the gays/transvestites look like real women. XD heck, they're even prettier and sexier than some girls/women.. me included. :))

some of the performers:



and oh, last night, the re-make of the classic filipino tv drama, mara clara, has finally ended. nice ending. \(^^)/

mababawasan na pagka-H.B ko dahil sa pagiging affected much ng drama... :))

May. 28th, 2011

vampire knight

KYUMIN FANFIC: let's play pretend...

SUMMARY: ...and live happily ever after

GENRE: i’m not sure if it can fall on the romance category, but it has a bit of humor. For safety, i believe it’s general.

DISCLAIMER: if i own KYUMIN they would’ve been already happily married, and with a monthly “KYUMIN PERFECTION” monthly magazine.





Kyuhyun felt like he got a ticket to the rainbow slide that would lead him to the pot of gold. Collapse )


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Mar. 7th, 2011

code geass


We reported earlier that Yamanashi prefecture’s amusement park, ‘Fuji-Q Highland‘, is offering a hotel room that was inspired by  “Neon Genesis Evangelion“. It’s now been announced that Fuji-Q has teamed up with Japanese coffee brand ‘UCC to produce Evangelion-themed canned coffee!

The limited edition product, “UCC Milk Coffee Evangelion Can – 6 pack“, contains six 250g cans and will be sold for 1050 yen (~$13 USD) at the park’s “Evangelion Store“, starting March 16th.

Both the outside packaging and the cans themselves feature six main characters from the hit anime series. Ikari Shinji, Soryu Asuka Langley, Ayanami Rei, Nagisa Kaoru, and Makinami Mari Illustrious are seen posing against a backdrop of popular attractions from the ‘Fuji-Q Highland’ park. Six types of stickers (to seal the empty cans) and an original calendar will also be included with the coffee.

source: tokyohive


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